rED cROSS SOCIETY

Red Cross Unit of Government College Barpali came into existence with the existence of the college. After getting proper registration in the year 2014, the unit is working extensively for the health awareness and environmental conservation. 

                   In the year 2019-2020 Red Cross Society organised One day total cleanliness programme at college building,One day seminar on "Kishori Siksha"and one day workshop on Fire and Safety rules.

                  In the year 2019-20 College formed a unit comprising students and professors. Name of the members are mentioned below:

Patron:                Dr. Ranjana  Nath

Coordinator:         Dr. Tanjeen Ara Khan

Faculty Members:  Dr. S. D. Patel (NSS Officer)

                           Dr. T. L. Mirjha (Sports in-charge)

Students Members:

·        GAJENDRA PATLEY                         B.Sc. III

·        ABDUL RAHMAN                           B.A.III

·        RAJNEESH  KUMAR                     B.A.III

·        DILIP KASHYAP                            B.A.II

·        RAMESH KUMAR  BARETHE      B.Com. II

·        MEENAKSHI  YADAV                    B.Sc.II

·        DEEPANJALI  SHRIVAS               B.Sc.II

·        PADMAVATI  JAISWAL                 B.Sc. II

·        RIYASAHU                                    B.Sc. II

        RAJNANDINI                                 B Com II

·        PRIYA  KARSH                             B.Sc.I



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